Mortgages for Nurses

Mortgages for Nurses

Mortgages for Nurses

Being a nurse shouldn’t get in the way of finding your dream home, and with the right financial advice, it doesn’t have to. With access to a high variety of lenders, St Barts Finance is committed to giving you high-quality financial advice to ensure you find your perfect mortgage.

Your job as a nurse is already stressful enough, not to mention extremely admirable, so why should you be penalised when it comes to buying a property?

Unfortunately, when it comes to finance, some lenders simply just can’t factor in certain aspects of a pay structure. So, in basic terms, you probably earn more money in real life than you do on paper.

Whether you’re working through the NHS or a private health sector, your payslip seems to hold complexities that only specialist financial advisors can make sense of.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as lenders want to ensure they are setting up mortgages at an affordable rate. And if you can’t afford your mortgage, it’s only natural this takes a downward spiral, leading to potential repossession. Which is a scary prospect, but it’s also realistic.

Where a nurse’s income is different every month, you want your mortgage to factor in those lower waged months, so even when you’re earning less, you can still afford to live.

This by no means should put you off applying for a mortgage, it’s just to set some realistic expectations. Your nursing career is an important role and it needs to be valued when finding a mortgage. Even as a newly qualified nurse, you are still eligible for a mortgage application, regardless of your time in the job. This also accounts for student nurses, agency workers and bank nurses, to name a few.

Some lenders will typically want to see 3 months of payslips, and as a newly qualified or student nurse, you may think this is impossible. But with expert lenders on hand, the so-called impossible can now be made possible. Lenders that have experience in mortgages for nurses, can take this into consideration and tailor your mortgage specifically to you.

And luckily, St. Barts can help you find the right mortgage for your money. Using a mortgage broker or financial advisor can obtain all your information and use it to devise a seamless application, tailored to your needs.

Finding a mortgage that’s right for your nursing career really doesn’t need to be stressful when you’re in the right hands.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.