It’s very easy to simply approach your high street bank, or to search online for financial advice – but are you sure the advice is accurate or the best available?

Some companies will only offer you their products or services and others will have a very limited offering.

Understanding your needs fully at the outset, and on an ongoing basis, is a critical part of ensuring both your investment, pension, mortgage or insurance requirements and that they meet your needs now and into the future. We will make sure that we understand your future goals, establish your attitude to risk, recommend a solution and make sure you stay on track over the years ahead.

We have an extensive range of products and services, for investments and pensions, this includes Protected funds, smoothed funds, money market funds, property funds, income and distribution funds, sector funds, cash funds, lifestyle funds and stakeholder-friendly managed funds.

For mortgages, we use more than 50 of the UK’s top mortgage lenders to match our client’s requirements.

The bottom line is that it’s all about YOU and YOUR own personal circumstances. Our job is to provide you with advice that suits YOU and then arrange this for you in a simple, efficient and straight forward way – taking the stress out of the equation.

We conduct a no obligation initial consultation and tailor our services to your specific financial requirements. We pride ourselves in ensuring our clients are never rushed, nor feel pressurised into doing something they don’t want to.

We like to ensure that all of our clients understand the product or products that they are taking out and we feel that this ensures that they know that it matches their requirements.

Our Branches


We seek to deliver the best investment opportunities to meet your needs. It’s an approach that combines:

1. Getting to know you, your future plans and attitude to risk;

2. Having one group of investment professionals, who maintain the quality of our entire investment range and structure it around the needs of all investors, irrespective of their view of risk;

3. Utilising dozens of leading companies that contribute funds to that range; and in particular Openwork’s associated company Omnis, with its distinctive way of accessing best-of-breed fund managers.

By working this way, we aim to provide you with, as far as is possible, a reliable and trustworthy investment solution that can play a vital part in ensuring your future financial well being and security.

We strive to ensure that we keep our clients both safe and tax efficient and have high street offices in both Bournemouth, Poole & Salisbury so that you can pop in at your convenience.

We pride ourselves on our high levels of service and like to provide clear and concise advice to you and your family.


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